A Freebie Collection: 33 Weird and Unusual Bread Textures

Basically made of flour and water with some added ingredients, Bread is recognized as one of the most commonly eaten food around the world. It has been present for thousands of years filling the stomachs of our ancestors. Although very common in dietary world, its usefulness is not as quite known to designing world. Today, it is seen in different shapes and colors. And of course, tastier than it has ever been. But how would you describe it when seen in a different perspective? Would you still recognize it if seen in a more close-up view? Indeed web design today is unstoppably expanding both in concepts and resources. It is constantly stretching from common subjects to more unusual, new, and daring ones. Textures to say the least, are one of the most useful free to download resources there have ever been for designers to be thankful for. Through the existence of web designing, it has proved its inevitable value in making effective and wondrous effects on design projects where it is utilized.

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