Create a Good First Impression for a Client Kick-off Meeting

When is the kick-off meeting? This is the first meeting with your client. It is the meeting where you can get the details of the project, meet the client and get to know him, and create a good first impression. You should never go wrong for the first meeting since first impressions last. Also, you have to make sure that you will please your client by being professional and by showing him that you are efficient with your job. Hence, you have to prepare for this meeting and make sure that things will turn out well. Your chances of getting the job 100% sure also depend on the kick-off meeting. Do not be so assured that just because you were called to meet a client that you will get the job. They might be merely scouting for the right designer at the moment. Show them that they do not need to waste time for other designers because the right one is already in front of them. How can you do that?

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