30 Shimmering Bead Texture To Enhance Your Designs

Photoshop users and graphic designers know very well the importance of textures especially when they are on the process of designing something. Textures of high quality allow designers to apply them in their artworks without losing their quality and this is especially true when they are to use the Smart Object tool in Photoshop. In today’s post, we bring you several sets of free to download bead texture which are really appealing to the eyes. Bead textures can be used to create accents of jewel-like reflected light. They are perfect to use on designs which need a touch of elegance as they are sparkly and shimmering when they catches light. Add a depth and a sort of embellishment to your scrapbooks, photographs and other design works by incorporating these bead textures.

Full post: 30 Shimmering Bead Texture To Enhance Your Designs 


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