25 Striking Search Icon for Free Download

The design of an icon is sometimes ignored when making a layout for a website. Creating a great user experience through attractive icons is a simple method to catch the interest of your visitors when they are exploring your website. No matter how interesting the article you are conveying, few visitors will still take time to read it if you are not able to hook their vision. Whenever we visit a website, we initially browse a page for aesthetically intriguing articles. We only start to read when something catches our attention. Icons are small little details yet very helpful to entice the users towards the articles of your site. In today’s post, we provide you with a collection of icons which is mostly used on all websites – the search icon. A search icon is placed beside the search box and is usually represented by an image of a magnifying glass. A magnifying glass simply because a stereotypical classical investigator utilizes a magnifying glass to search for clues.

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